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After years of working in the medical field and raising my children, I am finally getting to do what I have wanted to do for many years.  My love of antiques and painting has been with me since I was a teenager still living at home with my parents. One of my first antiques was my oldest brother's wood highchair. 
While helping my Dad put tobacco in the barn, I came across the highchair in the barn.  The footrest and the bottom of the legs were starting to get into bad shape.  I rescued it from the barn and to my bedroom it went. The highchair had a decal on the back rest, but it had started coming off.  I sanded the chair and painted a new scene on the back.  My father put a new footrest on the chair.  My three children have all used the chair and now my three granddaughters are using it. 
My husband and I had recently bought some chickens and built a new chicken coop.  I decided that I wanted to paint a scene on the side of the chicken coop.  It was a perfect canvas.  My love of painting has come back to me with an almost obsessive compulsion.  I get up and start painting and stay up late painting. 
Most of my designs are not original, but taken from other artists designs.  I in no way think that my artwork is better than theirs, but do try to put a little of myself in each painting.  I am also trying to bring my crafts to you in a more cost friendly way.
I am offering antiques, reproductions and other home decor; especially handpainted plates, candleplates and Christmas ornaments. I love to decorate for all seasons and have tried to do things that would be different from your usual holiday decor.
Thanks for visiting my web page and I hope you enjoy some of my things.  Please feel free to e-mail me with any thoughts or requests. 
Penny Lewis
2710 New Leicester Hwy.
Leicester, NC  28748
phone: 828-450-0503
Located approximately 6 miles out Leicester Hwy on the left side of the road.
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